About Us

OM My Goddess LLC started as a dream and this dream came true. 

I started as a handmade small pop-up shop and now growing my online presence. To now selling my arts and crafts and crystals of all kinds. 

I do need to express that I love crystals and have loved them since a small child. My Father worked as a Mining Engineer and would bring home some amazing crystals after travelling to all these exotic places around the world. I do not remember a time in my life that I did not have a rock or two around me.

I am very in tune with crystals and feel their energy and vibrations.  I have seen some miracles in my life, so I do not like to put a limit on anything. I do believe the answers to most things like free healing and regenerating healthy cells that can kill unhealthy cells using crystals and sound healing that vibrate to frequencies that heal and align chakras. (Chakras are something I may talk more on at a later time but for now please look it up on the web)

Free energy will come from crystal and copper and did I mention astral projection and communicating with a higher source. Oh and maybe they will be used to create the Flux capacitor:) or the gateway to other dimensions. 

I must confess to not knowing all the healing properties and other meanings written in books of most crystals that's why I own plenty of crystal books if you are looking for a crystal for a specific reason. I do not promise any of these crystals will do what you may be buying them for, as you must do the work also. I do believe if you are in tune and believe and work on yourself with positivity all things are possible. They are used as a tool to help you help yourself. Like writing your feelings down on a piece of paper, the crystal is the pen. I know the importance of crystals as they are one of the universes best creations. They are the past. present and future. They are like trees to me as a living source of life with the most important purpose.

Although I still do a lot of hand crafting most of my handmade items will not be for sale on my online store. As I attend a lot of local events with different genres, I make handmade items to go along with that theme. If the item does not sell at an event, I will promote it here for sale. I will also sell prints of my artwork.

Please be patient while I make this website and add more items to it. If you are here because you know what my store is and are looking for something you know I sell but is not yet on here please contact me. 

I make (not much recently) and sell clothes also and like most of my artwork most will be sold at live markets so I hope you can come see me at one of my events. As of right now I have not ventured too far from my home State of Florida but hope in the future I will travel. 

I really appreciate your time coming here and checking me out. I am humbled to be able to get this online store going. It means a lot to me. If you want to know what events I have coming up and my event page is empty, please check out my Instagram and Facebook. The links are on the bottom of the home page.

I do want to add that my daughter has recently come and joined me and we are both trying to grow this business and it is fantastic to have her share my passion. 

Thank you for supporting my small business.

Celora Bosson MGRM




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